Horse Racing Calculators

Horse racing betting involves a lot of math and various calculation. These may not be the the most complex calculation known to man however they are still complicated enough to have horse racing calculators conducting them for the bettors in order to save time and ensure the betting is done properly in terms of knowing the required stakes for a bet, the payout and the possible profit.

Using Horse Racing Calculators
Though possible to be done manually, it is better to go about using horse racing calculators for your horse betting needs. It saves time and prevents math errors which later on might result in commencing the wrong bet or approaching a bet the wrong way, causing the bettor to lose stakes. There are different types of horse racing calculators, some deal with a sole aspect such as e/w betting and some cover a wide spectrum of bets such as exotic betting calculators. Some calculators come in the form of hand held calculators, software, online apps or mobile apps.

Different Types Of Horse Racing Calculators
The main types of horse racing calculators:

  • Straight Bets Calculator: Straight bets are the most common bets in horse racing. In straight betting a bettor can bet on horse to win, place (1st or 2nd) or show (1st, 2nd or 3rd). The horse racing betting calculator which handles straight bets calculators performs these rather simple bets, stating the needed stakes and the possible payout.
  • E/W Calculator: An each way bet is a bet split in two different bets, one for win and one for place. In case the horse wins the bettor receives payout for both bets when the place bet is calculated by multiplying the odds by 1/4 or 1/5 and the then by the stakes. In case the horse places, the bettor only gets the payout for the place bet when odds must be above the minimum of 5/1 in order to produce any profit for the bettor.
  • Exotic Betting Calculator: Exotic betting refers to any bet in horse racing betting other than straight or e/w which is an accumulating bet, meaning it consists of more than betting on one horse. For example, A bettor can go about a Forecast which is betting on two horses to finish first while the predicting exact order of them hitting the finish line, and a Tricast which is pretty much the same only with three horses to pick. Other types of exotic betting can be Double, Treble and Accumulator which are picking two, three or four races, respectively, and betting on one horse to win at each race. Exotic betting can turn out to be a bit complicated to deal with which is why the use of horse racing calculators for exotic betting in very common and highly recommended.

Using horse racing calculators is the best way to ensure proper accurate betting as there is a horse betting calculator for almost every need. Horse racing calculators save time, effort and money by taking over the task of calculating the figures and deal with more than just bets but also odds conversion and handicapping.

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