Bet Cruncher Horse Racing Calculator

Lots of horse racing calculators on the web however Bet Cruncher is the best. The horse racing calculator at Bet Cruncher is designed to handle any type of betting, showing both the stakes and payout.

Bet Cruncher Horse Racing Calculator
Though many of the websites which provide some kind of a horse racing calculator are usually very horse racing oriented and provide horse racing picks, news and updates and have a close link to the leading online horse racing bookmakers, Bet Cruncher is stand out in the view. Bet Cruncher is actually just the horse racing calculator and nothing more. No ads, no free betting offers, no horse racing tips, news, forum or any of that sort. It doesn’t even aim towards all of these but merely acts as an online horse racing calculator however a well designed, highly complicated horse betting calculator with a simple eye catching interface and various functions covering all most any type of bet, including the complex exotic ones.

Bet Cruncher

Bet Cruncher Horse Racing Calculator Goes With
Bet Cruncher lets users benefit its well designed horse racing calculator even off the site itself by releasing a browser add on version for Firefox and IE, and even an iPhone App, which is not something you get see every day as Apple are very strict about the quality of the apps available at their apps downloading center. With these two additional features, every bettor can have the Bet Cruncher horse racing calculator with him at any time, not having to go to Bet Cruncher every time there is a need for betting calculations. With most of the horse racing calculators iPhone apps lacking critical functions and costing money, the Bet Cruncher horse racing calculator is the bets app ever for any serious bettor wishing to conduct betting easily and accurately no matter if betting online, at the shop, or on course.

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