Fholmes Horse Racing Calculator

Any horse racing player knows the use of a horse racing calculator is critical as sports betting is difficult enough to conduct without all the calculations needed in order for one to properly commence sports betting. There are many types of different bets such as each way or dutching for instance which not only require a different betting approach but also require a certain math work of the figures involved in the bet such as the stakes and odds.


Fholmes Software
For this purpose exactly, Fholmes Software aims its operations. Fholmes is a small independent software company which focuses on developing various calculating tools for any type of sports betting and for any type of bet, straight, exotic and special bets. Whether it’s football betting or horse racing betting, straight win bet, each way bet, dutching or lay bet, Fholmes has the perfect solution in the form of a sports betting calculator, one for every particular need. Fholmes Software gives its products for free, allowing bettors to download free desktop calculators to install and use for every bit of calculation necessary in sports betting. Fholmes not only offers its sports betting and horse racing calculator for free but also provides life time support for bettors who are using the calculators.

Fholmes Horse Racing Calculator
Fholmes products can be used as horse racing calculators as much as they can be used as any other sports betting calculators. Fholmes has more then just the regular sports betting calculators and also features special betting calculators such as Asian handicap calculator, US bets (parlay, teaser, reverse) calculator and miscellaneous sports betting calculators such as an odds converter and a permutation calculator. Fholmes horse racing calculator can also be found in the form of a web application in case a bettor prefers not to download an Fholmes sports betting calculator.

Fholmes Horse Racing Calculator

One of the greatest things about Fholmes is the fact that they give their products for free and yet still provides service for its users. Fholmes horse racing calculator, both desktop and web app, are amongst the best horse racing calculators ever to be used by horse racing players.

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