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Horse Hats is an American horse racing related site themed at marketing and selling horse hats, t-shirts and merchandise all related to horse racing and baring some horse racing related logos and pictures.

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Horse Hats For Horse Racing
However, Horse Hats is more than just another online horse racing themed merchandise seller. Horse Hats contains much information regarding horse racing, both for learning purposes and for advanced betting. At Horse Hats, one can find past performance of active American Thoroughbreds, exclusive horse racing picks and selections, exotic wager tutorials and horse betting systems tutorials. Horse Hats also covers the aspect of two of the most famous races in American horse racing, the Kentucky Derby and Breeder’s Cup.

Features At Horse Hats
Apart from being an online seller of horse racing fans merchandise and a horse racing betting info hub, Horse Hats provides users with two important features, one being a horse racing calculator and the other a horse handicapping software.

The horse betting calculator is in fact an exotic wager calculator which allows the users or bettors get a clue over the amount of stakes that should be put on each type of exotic wager.The horse racing calculator at Horse Hats lets users choose the type of exotic wager, the amount of horses picks, possible bet combination and the amount of desired stakes and in return outputs the amount of stakes required in order to commence the bet. This gives the bettors a clear picture of how much stakes they’ll be putting on a certain exotic wager and the possible returns from that bet.

The horse handicapping software is a java applet designed to perform automated horse handicapping which is the task of picking the horse with the most chances of winning the race. The horse handicapping software at Horse Hats is actually a sophisticated horse racing calculator with powerful capabilities.  By inserting specific details such as the horses’ past performance, ability on surface, top speed in last races, trainer and jockey score, trip distance, surface and many more factors, the horse handicapping software is able to suggest the likely winner of a race or winners of a race for spread betting.

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