Odds Calculator

The Main Functions of the Odds Calculator
An odds calculator is a horse betting calculator with designated functions designed to handle odds conversion, calculation and payout estimation. These functions are relevant in any wager and so the use of an odds calculator is almost inevitable. One main function is odds conversion, from fractional to decimal and the other way around. The other main function is the payout calculation (or estimation in case of exotic wager) as it determined by the odds and stakes.

Odds Calculator – Odds Conversion
Odds in horse racing or in any other sports betting for that matter comes in two formats. One is the fractional format used mainly in UK’s betting and the other format is decimal used mainly in countries other than the UK. Punters who place wagers both in the UK and outside the UK might find it baffling to handle odds in a format they are not used to work with and though the conversion itself is rather easy to perform, the use of an odds calculator makes it easy for the punter to focus on handling the wager using exotic betting calculator odds rather than struggle to understand the odds and what they mean in terms of chances to win and the payout.

Odds Calculator – Payout Estimation
Odds calculator can sometimes perform as a horse racing payout calculator. The payout estimation is the mathematical function of multiplying the stakes by the odds followed by an addition of the initial stakes to the sum. An odds calculator performs just that, aiding the punter in maintaining a logical ratio between the amounts of stakes required for a wager and the desired payout to cover the stakes and leave revenue in the hands of the punter. Since odds tend to change prior to race due to market trends, by using an odds calculator, a punter can see whether a wager that was not worth risking money for, suddenly shifted to higher odds, turning the wager’s payout much more appealing and worth risking the stakes for. Another aspect dealt by the odds calculator is the payout estimation of an exotic wager. In an exotic wager, the payout is determined only at the end of race or a meeting since the money wagered is gathered in separate pool from the straight wager and is then divided among the winners who wagered an exotic wager. For the punter, knowing the payout is crucial for determining the desired amount of stakes to be risked and so an absence of such aspect might lead the punter into wagering on the wrong side. The odds calculator responds solves this conflict by sophistically estimating the payout by using figures such as the odds, the stakes, estimated amount of money in the exotic wager pool, the number of horse in the race and the number of races in a meeting. The odds calculator performs the calculation of these figures and determines the estimated payout.

The use of an odds calculator is very common in horse racing betting nowadays. It is used mainly for the conversion of odds from fractional to decimal and the other way around and for the calculation of the payout in case a punter succeeds in a wager or when the odds have changed due to market trends movements prior to the race. The odds calculator is considered a valuable tool when it comes to handling the odds and the payout and the exotic betting calculator odds are certain to be accurate and valuable.

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